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Interoperability Protocol

Finally, a decentralized Health Data Exchange that allows shareability without compromising security and privacy. Comes with Health Apps and APIs, too!

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Hippocrades Architecture

Decentralized Health Data Exchange

Hippr (Hippocrades protocol) is a permission-less protocol that allows users - patients, health providers, and health facilities to manage, audit, and (even earn!) from their medical records while making them shareable in a decentralized, private, and secure health exchange.

It is an open protocol using blockchain and zero-knowledge cryptography that is compliant to health industry-set standards. It has APIs open for integration with any Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems and other health applications.

Hippocrades Health Infrastructure

Provides an end-to-end healthcare solutions and APIs to work with Hippr. Highly focused on security, privacy, and interoperability with all of the features you expect.

Ready-Made Solutions

Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System

Clinic Management System

Clinic Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Patient App

Patient App


An easy-to-use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System for printing Prescriptions, creating Charts, Lab Orders, and other medical forms.

Medical Records

A telemedicine platform for online video and audio consultations, interfaced with a patient portal for better access to medical records.


A Registration & Queuing System designed to reduce patient journey turnaround time and medical record filing errors.


A Billing Management System that can integrate all clinic private and HMO transactions into a single database.


A business tool to measure your daily clinic performance with sales reports, daily census, and user access control.


A Laboratory Information System that seamlessly communicates with modern diagnostic machines through HL7 interfacing.


An Imaging Information System that allows doctors to view DICOM images remotely, and patients to view imaging results online.


A Materials Management System built for healthcare facilities to easily monitor your in-house supplies and your over-the-counter products.

Materials Management

Manage corporate and private Annual Physical Exams, Pre-employment Medical Exams, Executive Checkups, and Full Medical Exams.

Physical Medical Exam

A Pharmacy Management System with Point-of-Sales functions, Rx access, inventory management, and reports in one place.


A special Dental EMR for baseline dental charting, documentation for proposed and completed work, and other attachments.


A special Dental EMR for baseline dental charting, documentation for proposed and completed work, and other attachments.

Patient Portal

Anatomy of a Medical Record

Who owns a Medical Record? Who has the rights to access it? How does it remain secure and private? The Hippocrades Protocol (Hippr) addresses these by providing users the rights and privileges to access specific components of a medical record.


Health Data Standards

No compromises. Hippr is compatible with global health data standards.



HL7 v3




I'm in, where do I start?

On top of the decentralized exchange, there are many things that can be done using the Hippocrades Infrastructure. Go Explore!


For Doctors, Clinics, & Other Health Providers

Ready-to-Use Health Apps & Solutions

Need a system in your health facility? Hippr offers an extensive list of available health modules.


For Governments & Enterprise -Level Health Facilities

Deploy-Your-Own Health Infrastructure

If you need more than just a simple setup. You can deploy your own health exchange and infrastructure.


For Developers, Tinkerers, & Health Tech Startups

Quickly Create Your Own DeHealth Apps

Comprehensive APIs to easily build health apps without worrying about compliance, security, and privacy.

How does the Health DEX work?

Similar to DeFi Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Hippr is run via smart contracts in blockchain. The Medical Records Access Management are built in. This makes user-to-user (among patients, health providers, and health facilities) sharing securely possible and auditable at the same time. In addition, users have option to earn by sharing their anonymous data in a marketplace.


Health Information Exchange

Secure sharing of medical records without the need to store in a centralized database. Transparency without exposing privacy utilizing the power of blockchain and zero-knowledge crypto protocols.


Medical Records Marketplace

Pharmaceutical companies and research institutions regularly need health data as part of their studies. The exchange allows users to share their anonymous data and earn from it.



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